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In Cinemas Near You

In Cinemas Near You

The comedic stars who made their names on “The Pure Monate Show”, now bring us “Blitz Patrollie” – a buddy cop movie in the vein of Bad Boys and Starsky & Hutch, but with a fresh, and funny, local twist.

Kau and Rasdien play bumbling crime fighters in an action-packed adventure that promises high-speed car chases, shootouts and, naturally, lots of gags.

Stationed at the most chaotic police precinct in Johannesburg, the pair battle criminals and mother-in-laws until they accidentally stumble upon a massive drug haul. Then it’s a madcap race against time as the pair chase after the crime kingpins and their place in police history.

Keeping the mood light amidst all this serious police work are comedians like Chris Forrest, Kagiso Lediga, Sans Moonsamy and SA comedy legend Mel Miller


In a little known police depot in the belly of the JHB CBD, officer Rummeck Rummy Augustine is stationed, a married man whose life has been taken over by the brutal beatings he receives from his physically abusive, evil mother-in-law and the ranting of his delinquent pot-smoking brother-in-law; both of whom have invaded his household. His partner on the contrary is the most upbeat guy in the world. The overzealous Ace Dikolobe can think of nothing better to do in the morning than to put on his lucky bulletproof vest and head out to kick some bad guy ass.

The precinct is populated by the constantly stressed out Captain Lapies Botha, the loud and cantankerous constable Lucas Ledwaba, the overworked forensic guy, Sam Huckle; and the only members of the station’s ambitious Sniper Development Program, Braam Moerdyk and Jack Makweru, who could possibly get around to shooting some bad guys if they were not always at each other’s throats.

Whilst in a poor white neighbourhood, Rummy and Ace and their inept sniper colleagues accidentally stumble upon a massive drug haul. But the haul gets stolen from right under their noses. The prime suspects in the missing drug saga are the infamously lecherous Naidoo brothers. Seemingly double-crossed, the Naidoos are also scouring the city for the missing drugs. In the media the story of the day is the ongoing corruption trial of South Africa’s populist Minister of Foreign Affairs, Midas Mdlalose. Midas’ ambitions for high office and his mounting legal fees have seen him involved with seedy characters like the philanthropic but ultra shady Moshe Guggenheim whose body suddenly pops up amongst numerous others found around the city with gaping wounds to the head. The smug forensic pathologist deduces the wounds to be from bricks thrown with a mighty force and extreme accuracy by a mysterious serial assassin

Lambasted by their Captain and ordered to stay off the drug case and further humiliated by the arrival of members of the Elite Crimes Unit, a special task force of ultra sophisticated, suit wearing super cops who drink cranberry juice and bake each other cookies as a show of camaraderie. While forbidden to do so by their captain, Rummy, Ace and their colleagues are forced to embark on a drive to clean up the station’s image with the public. What follows is a series of terrible blunders that land them in a worse position than before.

In a strange twist of events Happiness Mabena a popular Orlando Pirates striker and Ace’s favorite player, is killed by a brick to the head. At the crime scene Ace notices a strange blind man who is somehow always present when these bizarre brick slayings have occurred. Trailing the blind man also reveals an interesting link between the brick assassinations and the Minister.

Going with a strong gut feeling Ace insists that they raid one of the minister’s houses as he suspects the drugs will be there. The Provincial Police Commissioner, under immense pressure to clean up the streets, makes an example by suspending Rummy and Ace and threatens to close down the underperforming station. It is a sad day for Rummy and Ace who quickly spiral into depression and consider quitting the force for good. Will they get to save their jobs and the police station from closure? And equally importantly, can Rummy be man enough to stand up to his mother-in-law even if it means a fight, a fight where he would have to moer an old lady?

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